WebCTRL 3.0 uses XML/SOAP to integrate building automation with utility systems, weather forecasts, and similar applications worldwide. It combines advanced graphics, intuitive user interface, and operator access from any Internet device, with features such as graphic programming, hierarchical scheduling, and automatic set point optimization. Standard features include learning-adaptive optimal start and request-based control. A demand-level set point adjustment helps control peak demand. Energy-saving programs, like real-time utility pricing and optimized ice storage, are made practical, the company said.

eProduct 201

The 165 Heat Only construction thermostat is a two-wire thermostat designed to take the place of a standard thermostat during construction. The 165 provides a cost-effective way to maintain the temperature at 65°F for heating applications. Its tamperproof design prevents construction workers from turning up the heat and leaving the jobsite. The sturdy enclosure protects the switch from drywall dust, paint, and mud. Its durable construction allows it to be reused from job to job.

eProduct 202

The Evolutionâ„¢ monitors and manages temperature, humidity, ventilation, IAQ, and airflow. It sends homeowners notifications via the Internet, phone, or pager. Maintenance reminders include dealer name-phone number, dirty filter detection, and vacation scheduling with "goof-proof" prompts. The four-wire, color-coded control lets dealers offer temperature and humidity control in retrofits without having to pull new wire. An automatic startup feature identifies and stores equipment model and serial numbers. Information on the last 10 system events can be accessed at the control or at the dealership via Evolution Control Remote Access.

eProduct 203

The BAPI-Stat 2 room sensor is similar in size to the Delta Style enclosure but with a larger LCD display, greater functionality, and a modern design. It provides local indication of temperature and set point with set point adjust and occupant override. It also features optional fan speed and mode control for applications with fan coils, heat pumps, or unit ventilators. Heat-cool mode, fan speed, occupant override status, and many other indicators are displayed directly on the LCD itself.

eProduct 204

Heat pump thermostat Model 43057 incorporates several key features for ease of use and trouble-free operation. These include a Timex® Indiglo® backlight; "Refresh" programmable fan, allowing users to circulate air during off times; ac power; compatibility with all single-stage heat pumps and most two-stage heat pumps; a filter monitor; user-selectable, residual cooling fan delay; adjustable first- and second-stage span adjustment; staging timer; heat-cool auto cutoff; bimetal freeze protection; and latching relay outputs. The unit comes with a three-year warranty.

eProduct 205

These direct digital control (DDC) units, for mechanical equipment and central plant automation, are designed to meet the challenges of demanding facilities, the company said. Each model is a ruggedly built controller, varying only in the number of points: 8, 16, 32, or 64. All feature full Internet capability, 10 Mbps, a two-board design, 4-in-1 points, stand-alone capability, jumperless configuration, field upgradeability, and a lifetime warranty.

eProduct 206

The new KPU control's current rating is 24 FLA, 144 LRA at 120 and 240 vac. Cable entry is from the bottom, aligned with the internal terminal strip; no wire bending is required. A heavy-duty capillary tube is more resistant to bending and vibration. The contact action can be fingertip tripped. High-pressure controls, and the high-pressure side of dual controls, have a failsafe double bellows system to guard against leaks. Packaging is more robust; multiple labels identify the type of control, its specs, and replacement cross-reference. The line includes a fan cycling version.

eProduct 207

The ECC-VAV single-duct VAV controller features an integrated brushless, constant-torque actuator; 16-bit analog/digital converter for balancing; integrated motor feedback; onboard, drift-free pressure transducer; expanded I/O capability; sequence of operations that dynamically adapts to connected equipment; spare I/O points that can be linked to other controllers; capability to link VAV occupancy status with local lighting control; simultaneous control of two rooms; and the capability for demand control ventilation.

eProduct 208

The i.LON® 100 e3 Internet Server offers solid construction and the flexibility to monitor equipment from anywhere via LonWorks® networks, ModBus, M-Bus, or the local I/O. The i.LON 100 server incorporates the latest Web and routing technologies, the company said. Features include real-time monitoring, logging, and event notification; integrated Web services (SOAP/XML) interface; Ethernet, wireless GSM/GPRS, and phone modem support; and the i.LON Vision Web authoring tool.

eProduct 209

The AN Series 35 in.-lb actuators for VAV damper and valve applications offer reliable performance in a compact package, the company said. With an industry-standard footprint and brushless dc motor, the AN can be used in retrofit and new installations. The company said it is focused on developing and marketing user-friendly actuator solutions for HVAC applications. It said it develops product solutions by cross-linking the combined knowledge of customers, employees, and suppliers.

eProduct 210

Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, added features to its White-Rodgers division's 90 Series Blue touchscreen thermostats. The 1F95-1277 offers Cool Savings® and a dual-fuel heat pump control along with universal application for single-stage, multistage, and heat pump systems. Configured for programmable and nonprogrammable operation, it also offers a 12-square-inch touchscreen display, remote indoor/outdoor sensing, programmable fan, circulator fan cycling, automatic daylight savings option, enhanced security settings, and accuracy to ±1°F.

eProduct 211

The NCM-300 for two- and three-zone applications in new construction or retrofit jobs, provides intelligent control of heat pump and conventional forced-air zoning systems. Features include automatic changeover, timed or thermostatic staging, field-selectable features, and supply air sensing capability. Contractors may still use regular heat-cool thermostats on a heat pump system and use the adjustable second-stage timer to enable supplemental heat.

eProduct 212

The PSH500A is a versatile, UL-listed, Class 2 ac power supply specifically designed for use in VAV applications. It also may be used whenever (5) 100 VA Class 2 isolated outputs can be utilized, the company said. Each output is protected by a 4-A circuit breaker and controlled by an on-off switch. The 24-vac output is indicated by a red LED. The output is prewired to terminal strips for field installation. The primary input can be powered by either 120 or 240 vac (jumper selectable).

eProduct 213

The VisionPROâ„¢ IAQ Total Home Comfort System allows home-owners to control heating, cooling, and IAQ conditions from a central point in the home. The product helps eliminate the need for multiple controls in a living space by managing a home's temperature, humidity, and ventilation, from a single touchscreen control, the company said.

eProduct 214

The SC5011 SimpleComfort® PRO programmable thermostat's exclusive technology offers simplified installations and increased profitability, the company said. It features a patented thermal intrusion barrier; patent-pending SimpleSet™ target programming technology; flexible 7-day, 5-2-day, or 5-1-1-day programming options; manual and auto changeover; programmable fan mode; and field-adjustable calibration. Stages are one heat-one cool. The unit is heat, cool, and heat pump compatible.

eProduct 215

The Maxim III digital controller can operate as a stand-alone device or as part of a network. Applications include control and monitoring of HVAC, lighting, cold/freezer rooms, and time clocks. Features include multiple 365-day time clocks with optimum start capabilities; 20 configurable universal inputs; 12 relay outputs; eight analog outputs; and an optional Human Machine Interface. Optional data logging enables the unit to store 200,000 time-based readings. It is available with RS485 communications and an optional Ethernet Port for direct TCP/IP connection.

eProduct 216

Robertshaw® i-Series single-stage and multi-stage programmable thermostats can be set up more quickly using a new Setup Wizard; it also facilitates programming for home-owners by navigating them through menu-driven screens. Instructions are in English, Spanish, or French. The wizard, similar to those found on PCs, lets users set the time and date, schedule service reminders, and select comfort settings, preferences, settings, fan modes, and security options. Adjustable backlighting can be used at all times or only while programming.

eProduct 217

The Comfort Systemâ„¢ Z-600 microprocessor-based zone control system features a six-zone control panel that can be expanded up to 12 zones. Intuitive firmware allows the panel to be used with single-stage, multistage, heat pump, and dual-fuel equipment having up to three stages of heating and two stages of cooling. Almost all standard thermostats can be used with the Z-600, along with a choice of two- or three-wire zone dampers, the company said. An adjustable upstage timer allows single-stage thermostats to be used with multistage equipment.

eProduct 218

STE-6000 Series room sensors come in a variety of packages. A programmable override button is available on select models; the occupant can use it to change the room to occupied status. Model STE-6015 uses a data port on the cover's underside for temporary computer connection to the controller. Model STE-6016 includes an LCD display for the room temperature and set point. Models STE-6017 and STE-6018 include the override button and are equipped with a rotary setpoint dial for temperature adjustment.

eProduct 219

The IMC BACnet® Module and the IMC LonTalk® Module allow integration of Lennox® rooftop units into BACnet and LonTalk networks, respectively. These modules are compatible with the Integrated Modular Controller (IMC), Lennox's rooftop unit controller. The controller comes standard on L Series® and S-Class™ rooftop units.

eProduct 220

Pro-Fit Series™ thermostats feature the universal replacement Everything 'Stat® and patented IAQ Clean Cycle® technology. Five models were designed to offer installers a high-quality, feature-packed, and more profitable line of thermostats, the company said. As with all of the company's thermostats, the Pro-Fit Series comes with a three-year limited warranty. The company has a line of more than 30 programmable, digital, and mechanical thermostats.

eProduct 221

JENEsysâ„¢, a newly designed Internet control suite powered by NiagaraAX, provides owners with a platform to migrate to new communications strategies while protecting their original investments, the company said. With a flexible point count, Web server, XML capability, open APIs, Java programming, and SQL, the suite is designed for three vertical markets: OEM, national accounts, and system integration.

eProduct 222

The Frigidaire iQ Driveâ„¢ control system's proportional band controller operates better than a typical thermostat, the company said. Equipped for options such as UV lights and air filters, the control manages heating-cooling functions and can run the system continuously in varied modes to work as a dehumidifier. The control system also displays a notice when the system needs service, and provides the service tech's contact information. Onboard diagnostics are included for the benefit of the tech.

eProduct 223

The new T50 Series residential controls from Peco include the heat-only T50, the heat/cool T51 with auto fan, and the humidity-capable T52. Each represents the industry's best value in their class, the company said. The series features an innovative, attractive, bilingual design that complements any décor, the company said.

eProduct 224

Personal Information Management Monitor (PIMMâ„¢) was developed to provide small, medium, and large businesses with an easy-to-use tool to manage operational resources cost effectively. In addition to facilities management, PIMM can monitor customers' operational resources such as energy management, plant equipment, security/surveillance, IT management, supply chain management, etc. It can monitor controlled environments such as lighting; energy, and temperature management. Temperature trend analysis helps customers predict and avoid unnecessary outages or inefficiencies.

eProduct 225

Internet-enabled thermostats and sensors can help change the way multisite owners and operators, facilities managers, and maintenance personnel control and monitor energy consumption. Proliphix IP thermostats allow constant 24/7/365 access, visibility, control, and monitoring of HVAC equipment. Best of all, automatic notification is provided by e-mail or text messaging when variance occurs to the preset temperature settings. According to the company, the bottom line is that the units are the most sophisticated, reasonably priced HVAC control device that can save hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy costs.

eProduct 226

PSG's E-Accustat® II controls offer exceptional accuracy and simple-to-use functionality in a tamper-proof case, the company said. These controls provide an electronic replacement for those states that can no longer use the original Accustat®, which uses mercury-based Accutherm® sensors. In addition, the E-Accustat II Series has models available with advanced features such as remote sensing, setback capability, and damper control.

eProduct 227

The Nose Monitor can help make buildings and schools more energy efficient and safer, the company said. The monitor combines up to five sensors into a single printed circuit board mounted in a thermoplastic housing. The Nose 5, which is LonMark®-certified, measures key IAQ parameters of temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and total volatile organic compounds.

eProduct 228

The Q3â„¢ building management system provides integrated monitoring and control of small- and medium-size buildings' HVACR, lighting, utility power, and door access systems, plus equipment failure alarming. The product features a compact, wall-mount design with user-friendly interface via a backlit LCD and keypad; there is also a local maintenance interface. Alarms can be transported via modem, serial, or Ethernet communications to a centralized alarm center, maintenance center, pager, or e-mail recipient. The system can be interrogated remotely via a built-in Web server.

eProduct 229

The Reliable Controls® MACH-Stat™ is a completely customizable and networkable BACnet® Advanced Application Controller (AAC), with the look and feel of a traditional commercial thermostat, the company said. The MACH-Stat can be ordered with an optional real-time clock for stand-alone applications, setpoint slider, humidity sensor, CO2 sensor, and occupancy sensor. Contractors can read and write control sequences, specify I/O, and customize the appearance and accessibility of up to 48 different items on eight configurable LCDs.

eProduct 230

RWD Series controllers are noncommunicating, electronic HVAC devices, with preprogrammed applications for quick setup of parameters for optimum and reliable energy conservation. The controllers feature a large LCD and are said to be an ideal replacement for old pneumatic HVAC controls. An optional time clock has eight daily switch events to turn HVAC systems on and off for setback periods and nights/weekends. The controllers are enclosed in a UL-approved plastic housing with quick-disconnect wire termination blocks.

eProduct 231

The Predator® VAV actuator has been added to the Predator family of Staefa® Talon® HVAC controllers. The VAV actuator integrates a LonMark®-certified VAV controller in a Siemens OpenAir damper actuator, offering a compact footprint and single-component mounting. It offers precise control of pressure-independent, single-duct VAV/CV zone boxes. Its preprogrammed control logic is configurable for a variety of applications, including cooling or heating, fan, occupancy, and lighting. The integral OpenAir direct-coupled damper actuator is designed for three-position floating control.

eProduct 232

The Andover Continuum Wireless Solution is described as the industry's first wireless mesh solution. It is Zigbee-ready and based on the ASHRAE BACnet standard. The solution is based on the Andover Continuum family of controllers, which are being used in more than 40,000 buildings around the world to control every aspect of building operations, from HVAC to security applications, the company said.

eProduct 233

TRC application-specific controllers are designed to provide cost-effective control of terminal and unitary HVAC equipment. The TRC product line includes multiple versions built on a common hardware platform. Each version is tailored to a specific application and designed to effectively control its associated HVAC equipment. Each is a true stand-alone controller with its own microprocessor and nonvolatile memory. An RS-485 communications network allows TRCs to be networked together and connected to the eBuildingâ„¢ network controller.

eProduct 234

TotalTouchâ„¢ thermostats can be demonstrated right at the computer desk. Visit the Website given above to try the online demo and learn how to program the TotalTouch thermostat to control virtually any piece of HVAC equipment. Clicking on "compare products" shows that TotalTouch offers universal compatibility. According to the company, good looks, proven reliability, and on-call tech support are available.

eProduct 235

The VT7000 Series, a complete line of communicating thermostat products, is available to control multistage equipment such as package rooftop units and heat pumps, fan coil units, and pressure-dependent-type zoning dampers. All thermostats are available with or without communication interface. Communicating models are available in either Echelon LonTalk® or BACnet Ms/Tp variations.

eProduct 236

Vykon Security™, a Web-based access control and alarm monitoring security system, can also connect to any building automation system and be seamlessly integrated into the HVAC, lighting, and energy management systems via BACnet®, LonWorks®, Modbus®, and oBIX. The heart of the system is its Security Appliance, an IP-based controller that eliminates the need for onsite PCs, the company said. Custom reports are available on screen and can be exported. There is a guided setup wizard.

eProduct 237

The ZonexCommander communicates with one to 80 rooftop units, split systems, or zones via the Internet. Return and discharge air temperatures can be viewed remotely. The controller can be used in new or retrofit applications. Two communication wires and two power wires help simplify installation. It combines modulating zone systems with stand-alone equipment, allowing remote communication with every unit and control in the system, the company said. An online quote program lets HVAC contractors obtain residential-commercial quotes over the Internet.

eProduct 238

Publication date: 09/25/2006