The company recently introduced the new Amana® digital thermostat with humidity control. It is designed to offer the flexibility to design heating and cooling comfort programs that work with most HVAC systems. According to the company, the thermostat can be programmed to adjust the blower speed to increase the air discharge temperature in the heat pump and electric heating modes, designed to provide maximum unit efficiency. Other features include seven-day programming with automatic heat/cool system changeover, displays room temperature and humidity level, has permanent program retention during power loss, is capable of operating a humidifier, and will overcool by 3 degrees to reduce humidity.

eProduct #178

Arzel Zoning Technology
The Universal ModuPASSâ„¢ is a stand-alone bypass system designed for any HVAC equipment and any zoning system. According to Arzel, barometric bypass dampers "float" open and closed to provide an "average" static pressure. This can cause problems with noise at one extreme and low airflow at the other. The Universal ModuPASS is designed to measure the static in the ductwork and position itself to maintain the pressure needed, it said.

eProduct #179

Automated Logic
WebCTRL provides graphics, a user interface, and access from virtually any Internet device, anywhere in the world. Environmental, energy, and building performance reports are one click away with WebCTRL's spreadsheet-based reporting tool, said Automated Logic. With its native BACnet architecture and support for Modbus and LonWorks, the product is the "perfect platform for the integration of building subsystem information," said the company. In addition, WebCTRL's standard Web Service interface uses SOAP/XML technology for cross-platform data sharing with other computer systems. This feature is designed to allow maintenance management systems, accounting systems, wide area utility management programs, and other high-level computer applications to use the latest IT tool to retrieve information from WebCTRL.

eProduct #180

Carrier Corp. is pleased to announce the launch of the Totaltouch line of touch screen thermostats. The thermostat is all-inclusive, installation is considered user friendly, and it is completely integrateable with most HVAC systems. The company said it is loaded with features.

eProduct #181

Exquisite Heat
Most heating and cooling systems are designed and installed to provide heat for the coldest day of the year. On other than the coldest days, heating systems are overheating, "just in case" it gets cold. This causes a waste of energy and uneven, short-distribution cycles of overheated transfer medium to the heated space - water in radiators, steam in radiators, or hot or cold air through ducts. Meanwhile, air conditioning systems similarly are operated and designed for very hot days. When it is less than very hot, there is over cooling and uneven distribution of chilled air. Uneven extremes result in the waste lost in the generation and loss in the ducts and pipes when the system is at peak output and the thermostat goes off. By adjusting limit temperatures, Exquisite Heat said it fine-tunes a home's system each hour to provide the exact heat replacement required. Leads and lags in heat are eliminated, it said. The end result is, as the company put it, a "truly intelligent relationship between a home or building and its heating or cooling system, which provides economy and comfort for all the occupants." Exquisite Heat pays for itself in less than two years and provides savings forever, said the company.

eProduct #182

Fenwal Controls
Fenwal Controls said its new System One gas ignition plus temperature controller for commercial and industrial OEM customers combines automatic gas ignition with the company's flexible Series 59 digital temperature controller, featuring a bright, three-digit LED digital display. According to the company, the duty-matched components of the System One are designed to communicate to provide easy access to setpoint, actual temperatures, set-up parameters, as well as system status and diagnostics in clear, alphanumeric display. Applications include boilers, water heaters, furnaces, commercial cooking equipment, dryers, or any gas-fired system under 400K BTU, it said.

eProduct #183

The FocusPROâ„¢ is a new programmable thermostat from Honeywell, featuring an easy-to-read digital, backlit display that shows the room and set temperatures. It is designed to provide comfort control (+/- 1 degree F), and when used correctly, can help homeowners save up to 33 percent on their heating and cooling bills, said Honeywell. It features weekday and weekend programming. Homeowners can use as a 5-1-1, or 5-2 depending on lifestyle. The display is available in large and standard sizes. Built-in instructions are designed to help homeowners program it. FocusPRO 6000 has a five-year warranty and can be installed in a wide range of heating and cooling applications, including forced warm air, heat pumps, hot water, 750-millivolt, steam, and gravity systems.

eProduct #184

The Commercial VisionPROâ„¢ 8000 features menu-driven programming and a large touch screen for simplicity in programming. It also features special commercial-only features like an economizer output, customizable override limits, holiday setback for energy savings, and a commercialized control algorithm for better and more consistent control. It includes multiple keypad lockout levels, configurable recovery ramps, occupied/unoccupied scheduling, and Title 24 energy/air compliance. In addition, Honeywell said the Commercial VisionPRO will universally control conventional or heat pump HVAC equipment.

eProduct #185

ICM Controls
The ICM Controls SC2811 nonprogrammable thermostat is a 3-heat, 2-cool multi-stage, field configurable, and backlit model with auto-changeover. According to the manufacturer, the SC2811's configuration mode is designed to allow the contractor to select between heat pump or conventional heat-cool, to adjust the calibration, set the temperature differential for each stage, set the minimum and maximum temperature settings, select time between check filter annunciation, set cycles per hour, and enable the output indicator LED. All field configurations are stored in nonvolatile memory. The SC2811 may be set to read in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

eProduct #186

Invensys Building Systems
Invensys said it has added a series of advanced, fully programmable BACnet™ controllers to its I/A Series® building automation system. With the addition of the new BACnet controllers to its existing MicroNet series of LonMark® and LonWorks® controllers, Invensys said it gives end users the complete flexibility to specify a building automation system to meet any environmental challenge. Like all I/A Series MicroNet controllers, the new BACnet models are fully programmable using the Visio®-based WorkPlace Tech Tool, designed to enable the user to program the controller with easily understood drag-and-drop graphic representations of common control algorithms and functions and easy-to-use "wizards" that automate controller configurations.

eProduct #187

Jackson Systems
Jackson Systems said its Comfort Systemâ„¢ Z-1600 commercial zone control system is fully modulating, can work with up to 16 zones, and does not require a computer for setup or service. The commercial system can control up to two stages of heating and two stages of cooling, as well as heat pumps, it said. The Z-1600 can also control auxiliary heat in each zone.

eProduct #188

Lux Products Corp.
LuxPro®, a wholesale division of Lux Products Corp., recently introduced its new line of Pro-Fit Series™ thermostats, featuring the universal replacement Everything ‘Stat® and patent-pending IAQ Clean Cycle® technology. The Pro-Fit Series includes five new models. According to the company, its Everything ‘Stat is designed to be the single solution to almost every system an installer may encounter in the field and is available in both programmable and nonprogrammable units. The Clean Cycle technology works in conjunction with today's high-efficiency filters and UV light systems, it said, all designed to help eliminate airborne pathogens and pollutants like mold, mildew, bacteria, allergens, and volatile organic compounds. Other standard features include single- to multi-stage system options, Luxlight® electro-luminescent display, filter monitor, keyboard lockout, and automatic changeover.

eProduct #189

Novar Controls
According to Novar Controls, its Savvy Energy Infosystem is a controller available for managing and monitoring energy and building management systems of multisite medium and large buildings in a multisite location such as major retail, theatre, or restaurant chains. It said the Savvy can reduce a retailer's operating costs through reduced energy use, lower maintenance costs, and increased building comfort. It comes in a variety of configurations, including an optional touch screen. Its flexibility allows it to be used cost effectively in a variety of commercial applications.

eProduct #190

The company recently introduced three new products: the NT100 professional Internet thermostat, the low-cost NT10e basic Internet thermostat, and the EPA-20 power adapter. The NT100 and NT120 professional series thermostats offer enhanced commercial features, including fan scheduling, dual stage HVAC support, button lockout, set point override limits, indoor/outdoor/air duct thermal sensors, and a 24-volt AC power option, it said. According to the company, models NT10 and NT100 offer identical features to models NT20 and NT120, respectively, with the latter model (NT20 and NT120) providing additional support for up to two external thermal sensors. Meanwhile, it said its NT10e basic Internet thermostat offers a low-cost, "a la carte" solution to monitor and control home or small office HVAC systems remotely over the Internet. The units connect to an existing network by Ethernet, so there is no proprietary wiring, and users can access their systems through the company's secure Web site from any standard Web browser.

eProduct #191

Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc.
Richards-Zeta said its OMEGA software suite is "the first and the last" intelligent building automation software/solution "you will need to manage the assets of one or many facilities." The OMEGA platform includes the company's advanced Mediator/M2 platform, with WebScheduler, WebExpress, WebAlarm, WebPoint, and WebsiteBuilder. According to the manufacturer, OMEGA allows a user to configure IP and building systems network settings; perform onboard diagnostics; direct and manage Multiple Protocol Exchange (MPX) protocol mapping; program intelligent building systems; create custom Web site graphical user interface (GUI); set up real-time trend logs; configure data logs; configure customized data formatters and transporters; edit and add new schedules, and much more.

eProduct #192

Tour Andover Controls
The Andover onSiTEâ„¢ is a prepackaged, Web-based control solution designed for small buildings. The system is designed to bring energy savings, lighting efficiency, and the convenience of Web-based monitoring to owners of multiple, similar properties, such as chain stores, branch offices, and small office buildings. With onSiTE, Tour Andover Controls said owners of smaller facilities can experience the benefits of a comprehensive building and energy management system that are usually reserved for large buildings. The product won a silver medal in the Commercial Controls and Building Automation category of the 2005 Dealer Design Awards, sponsored byThe News.

eProduct #193

Viconics has expanded its communicating thermostat product line with the introduction of the T7600-BACnet thermostat. These thermostats are designed primarily to control staged heating and cooling equipment, including heat pumps required to reside on BACnet ms/tp networks. According to the company, its T7600-BACnet product line is positioned to reduce project delivery cost by packaging common "most used" sequences within one easy to install wall device, in addition to simplifying integration on BACnet networks.

eProduct #194

White-Rodgers/Emerson Climate Technologies
White-Rodgers said it has set a new industry benchmark with its 90 Series Blue touch screen thermostat. Simple and logical installer menu setup, programming, and operation is enhanced by audio prompting that confirms touch screen entries, it said. Features include variable touch screen security, designed to prevent tampering; temporary and vacation overrides; and filter change reminders. It has a large, lighted display with bigger characters in a smaller and thinner enclosure.

eProduct #195

Publication date: 09/26/2005