SAN DIEGO, CA — The Carbon Monoxide Health and Safety Association (COSHA) is spearheading an effort to include language that requires carbon monoxide detectors in the evolving ASHRAE ventilation standard 62.2P. The standard will affect all single-story residential dwellings.

The CO detector requirement language would state: “A carbon monoxide alarm meeting a nationally recognized standard such as UL 2034 or IAS 6-96 shall be installed in each dwelling unit of all buildings in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions.”

Standard 62.2P, Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings, has undergone a revision and has been submitted for a third review. (See yesterday’s Breaking News item, “Apr. 8, 2002: Proposed ASHRAE Ventilation Standard Undergoing Third Review.”) The review began April 5, 2002 and will run until May 20, 2002. A draft is available online at the ASHRAE website,

Publication date: 04/08/2002