SAN FRANCISCO - Chevron Energy Solutions has announced that it will complete major energy efficiency upgrades and install a fuel cell and two solar power systems at the U.S. Postal Service's largest mail processing and distribution facilities in San Francisco: the San Francisco Processing and Distribution Center and the Embarcadero Postal Center.

The energy efficiency measures will include new energy management and compressed air systems, lighting retrofits, and upgrades to the HVAC systems. Chevron Energy Solutions will also upgrade the Processing and Distribution Center with high-efficiency natural gas cooking equipment for the cafeteria.

That facility will also host a new hybrid solar/fuel cell power plant comprised of a 250-kilowatt fuel cell, a 100-kilowatt roof-mounted solar power system, and a 185-kilowatt solar power system mounted on a parking canopy that will track the sun. FuelCell Energy Inc. will provide the fuel cell.

The improvements at both facilities are expected to cut power purchases by about 10 million kilowatt-hours - a 46 percent reduction. In addition, the energy efficiency upgrades are projected to reduce heating needs by 69 percent at the San Francisco Processing and Distribution Center and by 28 percent at the Embarcadero Postal Center.

Publication date: 12/27/2004