PHOENIX — Aerotech Laboratories Inc. has introduced AeroSeminars™, a two-day interactive seminar that will be held monthly for the remainder of 2003. These seminars will be presented by Dr. Vincent Miller, vice president of research and development, and will cover IAQ technology and products available at Aerotech. The workshops will cover a number of topics including:

  • Species identification of molds and bacteria;

  • Mycotoxins: chemistry and analyses;

  • Allergens;

  • Volatile organic compounds;

  • Legal defensibility; and

  • Bioterrorism.

    The two-day seminars will also include a tour of Aerotech’s IAQ laboratory and a hands-on equipment class.

    "I am excited to have the opportunity to offer this seminar to our clients and the IAQ community," said Paul Cochrane, principle and vice president of business development. "I hope clients will find these seminars highly informative and beneficial, and give them the opportunity to understand all the advanced sampling methods and analyses available today."

    AeroSeminars will be held monthly in Phoenix. The first seminar is scheduled for June 19-20. The seminars are free to Aerotech clients and $150 for all others interested in attending. For more information, including the dates of additional seminars, call 800-651-4802, ext. 1022, or e-mail

    Publication date: 04/28/2003