PHOENIX - After a decade of providing science-based indoor air quality (IAQ) information through educational materials and speaking engagements, Aerotech Laboratories has created the Aerotech Technical Institute (ATI) to meet an increasing demand for more formalized IAQ training courses.

Located here, ATI said it will utilize Aerotech Labs' extensive scientific resources to create various courses designed to adapt IAQ training "to meet real world demand."

This current demand ranges from entry-level sampling courses for common indoor allergens to more technical modules including volatile organic compounds, fecal sterols, as well as screening for the dangerous compounds used to create illegal drugs such as Ecstasy and Methamphetamine.

ATI said it plans to partner with other industry leaders and training providers to build and provide training programs, which include remediation, thermal imaging, food safety awareness, and bioterrorism response.

ATI is a 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art multifaceted training facility comprised of three learning centers and is an Arizona-approved real estate school. The primary learning center is a 4,000-square-foot training facility accommodating 84 students in a multi-media learning environment.

A 400-square-foot IAQ training house was built in the primary learning center to demonstrate actual construction methods and possible structural deficiencies that could cause conditions leading to IAQ contamination. Instructors are able to use the training house to demonstrate assessment and inspection techniques, investigation strategies, and remediation procedures.

The IAQ training house was constructed to enable training of the latest technology available in IAQ field equipment.

In addition to the primary learning center, a "hands-on" equipment training center is designed to bring IAQ theory and design to the classroom. This learning format gives providers of high tech IAQ equipment the chance to place their equipment into the hands of potential users. The equipment center not only allows the students to become more comfortable with and master IAQ equipment, but also provides the equipment provider with valuable feedback. More importantly, this center allows students to use IAQ field equipment prior to making equipment investments, it said.

Finally, the multi-purpose computer training center is designed to familiarize students with innovative software programs such as AeroMoldâ„¢, the highly anticipated mold inspection software. Students will also learn how to utilize Aerotech's Xtranet to track the status of current projects, download results as they become available, search results for archived projects, online ordering, and track orders through the Internet website.

ATI administrator, Mike Buettner, commented, "After a decade of providing training through seminars and lectures, Aerotech has been asked by clients to formalize our training programs. Our first step was to become an approved school through the Arizona Department of Real Estate; this is in response to increased licensee and consumer demand for IAQ courses."

For more information and class schedules, go to, or contact Kristin Harris at 800-651-4802, ext. 1022.

Publication date: 01/12/2004