In January 2002, a new website was launched ( which is designed to help homeowners understand HVAC — and is also a web services tool for contractors.

“The whole idea behind the site was to help explain some of the basic details of HVAC to homeowners who had no clue about how their system worked,” said website developer Richard Ashworth. “I took basic information, things I cover every day in the field, and put it up on my site.

“I also had in mind at the time I launched the site to include a store and web services to contractors. I am slowly developing the store and getting ready to launch the web services end of the business. I currently have over 400 e-mail newsletter subscribers for my quarterly newsletter.”

Ashworth said that his web services include an initial design fee and monthly maintenance fee.

“I will have basic templates to offer for a lower price and customized designs for more,” he added. “All coding, design, site and server maintenance will be handled by a professional web master who is also an HVAC technician in the field.

“All of the information provided is designed to help the contractor increase equipment sales. It also enhances their image and allows the contactor and customer an alternative and modern medium to communicate to each other.”

Publication date: 07/29/2002