FORT IRWIN, Calif. - The U.S. Army's Fort Irwin has awarded Johnson Controls one of the first new federal energy savings performance contracts (ESPC) since Congressional reauthorization of the program after a year-long lapse in 2004. The project is expected to save Fort Irwin $27 million in energy and water related costs during the 20-year term of the contract.

Under the ESPC, Johnson Controls will make $9.4 million in facility improvements for the military base, providing equipment that supplies energy and water management. The company guarantees that the cost of the new equipment will be more than paid back over time with the money saved on the base's utility costs. Besides energy efficiency, the new equipment will also help improve reliability and comfort in the soldiers' work environment.

"The work underway at Fort Irwin by Johnson Controls through the ESPC program will fulfill critical infrastructure requirements that will enhance the quality of life for the soldiers here at Fort Irwin," said Colonel Paul Cramer, director of public works at Fort Irwin.

Specifically, the energy conservation measures to be installed at Fort Irwin include:

  • Twenty-eight new boilers to replace 13 high-pressure, inefficient, and obsolete pieces of equipment;

  • Two new chillers to replace old and inefficient models at two central plants;

  • Energy efficient and improved lighting conditions in 57 buildings;

  • Lighting controls for 270 vending machines; and

  • Water conservation measures at 193 buildings.

    The project is expected to reduce the annual amount of electricity the base uses by 2.4 million kWh and 5,393 MMBtu of propane.

    "We're proud to help support Fort Irwin's mission by improving the training and living conditions for the soldiers," said Bruno Biasiotta, vice president of solutions, controls group, Johnson Controls. "Through this ESPC, Fort Irwin will receive new, efficient equipment and facility improvements, and we guarantee that the project's cost will be covered by the utility bill savings."

    The ESPC program allows federal facilities and military bases to gain new, efficient equipment, save money, and reduce energy consumption without requiring significant upfront financing.

    Publication date: 08/01/2005