DALLAS - The Service Roundtable has announced the acquisition of rights to Trinity Learning's digital training for HVAC and plumbing.

With more than 21,000 multimedia training titles and over 1,000,000 end users, Trinity is one of the world leaders in workplace learning. Trinity also maintains 24-hour encrypted satellite-delivered networks for specialized markets such as the Law Enforcement Training Network, Fire Emergency Training Network, and Health Science Television Network.

"Trinity Workplace Learning is well-known for their award-winning training videos," said David Heimer, Service Roundtable COO. "These videos were developed with leading industry experts, and use excellent instructional design techniques to maximize learning and retention. We're excited to have won the right to bring these videos to our customers in an inexpensive, high-quality format over the Internet."

The Service Roundtable has acquired the rights to modify and combine the Trinity videos with other training content, and convert it to other formats. The combination of the Workplace Learning videos, Service Roundtable content, and Internet delivery will provide value to Service Roundtable members, noted the organization.

"This is truly ‘just in time training,'" said Heimer. "We're delivering exactly what you need, when you need it, and where you want it."

The Service Roundtable is a private contractor group serving the HVAC and plumbing industries. For more information, visit www.serviceroundtable.com, or contact Liz Patrick toll-free at 877-262-3341 or by e-mail at liz@serviceroundtable.com.

Publication date: 08/21/2006