The 120-year-old Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Reception Center in New York Harbor recently underwent an energy upgrade in order to reduce the $1 million annual electricity bill.

Sempra Energy Solutions upgraded the lighting and HVAC systems. Over 4,000 light fixtures were upgraded or replaced within the museum and surrounding buildings. Incandescent bulbs were replaced with halogen floodlights, and fluorescent lamps in offices were replaced with T-8 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts. According to Sempra, the lighting system generates less heat, which boosts HVAC savings by 5 percent to 10 percent and reduces system wear and maintenance. Variable-speed drives also helped to reduce energy consumption. The system sets back temperature at certain times and utilizes outside air dampers.

Sempra Energy Solutions said that the contract guarantees that the energy savings from utility bills will pay for the cost of the upgrades.

— by J.J. Siegel

Publication date: 05/12/2003