Cushion clamps in the Caddy fastener line can be used for multiple line runs. They absorb shock and vibration, reduce noise, and prevent galvanic corrosion. The clamps allow additional tubes or pipes to be added without disassembling the existing installation. The shoulder stud on the clamp is securely fastened to one clamp half. The "controlled squeeze" design of the clamp prevents over-tightening and rotation. The cushion inside the clamp is made from a rugged thermoplastic elastomer and withstands the effects of most oils, chemicals, and industrial cleaning compounds. The clamps are available in tube sizes from 1/4- to 6-1/8 inches and in pipe sizes from 1/4- to 6 inches. All tube and pipe clamps larger than 1-3/8 inches are furnished without the controlled-squeeze shoulder bolt. The larger sizes feature a threaded stud that is securely fastened to one clamp half.

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