NORMAN, Okla. - The Unitary Products Group (UPG) of York, A Johnson Controls Co., announced changes to its boot camp training program. The 2006 schedule will include an Advanced Tactical Intelligence course, a new third-level training program, for York® territory managers that have completed both the Basic Training and Special Operations programs. Taken together, the three programs are designed to provide territory managers with the tools to help York dealers plan for and achieve success.

According to Jeff Revlett, training manager, York UPG North America, the new third-level boot camp, Advanced Tactical Intelligence, will be case study driven and run much like a graduate course. "We felt it was a natural progression to offer this third-tier program," said Revlett.

"In the past, territory managers who came out of the Special Ops program wanted to drill down even deeper and take a closer look at how to become even more of a value-added partner by furthering their understanding of the contracting business. This new program provides that opportunity by teaching territory managers how to add value in their relationships with contractors. By completing all three boot camps, territory managers are better equipped to help contractors be more profitable."

Participation in this new boot camp is by invitation only and will be held Nov. 6 through Nov. 10. To qualify, territory managers must complete the Special Operations course with a grade of at least 90 percent and spend six months in the field following completion of the second boot camp.

Publication date: 02/27/2006