The ASDXL and ASDXL DO Series pressure sensors are designed for applications that require precision pressure measurement at low-pressure measurements as low as 5 in. H2O and 10 in. H2O. They are available to measure absolute, differential, and gauge pressures. The absolute devices have an internal vacuum reference and an output proportional to absolute pressure. Differential devices allow application of pressure to either side of the sensing diaphragm and can be used for gauge or differential measurements. The sensors are fully calibrated and temperature compensated with onboard Application Specific Integrated Circuitry (ASIC). The sensors are accurate to within ±2 percent full scale and are intended for operation from a single 5-VDC supply. The ASDXL DO features a digital output and provides digital correction of the sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature coefficients, and nonlinearity. In addition, the ASDXL DO sensors use I2C-compatible protocol, which allows interfacing to most commonly used microcontrollers and microprocessors without additional components or electronic circuitry. The ASDXL units are amplified with an analog output span of 2 or 4 VDC.

Honeywell, Sensing and Control; 800-784-3011 (reference code PRDXL);

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