NORCROSS, GA — Daniel P. Herrick has been named president and chief operating officer of Pameco Corp., succeeding Jerry W. Bowman, who has become president and chief executive officer of Pameco’s new eBusiness subsidiary.

Prior to joining Pameco, Herrick was president and chief executive officer of Interlakes Advantage International, a management consulting firm focusing on operations and supply chain management, strategic outsourcing, and supply chain optimization.

Herrick commented, “As a participant in an industry that is going through radical change and consolidation, our prime focus must be to constantly rethink and reinvent our company’s approach towards our customers.

“To enable our branches to better do their job, we will develop and implement a variety of programs and success strategies, such as strategic outsourcing and competitive positioning, with a mandate to capitalize on our collective industry expertise,” he said. “I will be focused on re-engineering Pameco to improve the company’s profitability and predictability.”