Those quickie credit card-like devices some people are using to gas up their cars offer more than convenience.

Touted as a way to fill up without cash, or even a trip inside the gas station, these cards are, according to Mobil Speedpass, “designed to bring control, convenience, and speed to delivery services, construction companies, retail delivery services, landscapers, and other companies that rely on vehicle use for day-to-day operations.”

According to John Stipa, Mobil’s commercial card program manager, “With Speedpass, you can keep track of who’s buying what, where, and how much.

“This unique payment technology offers companies accurate records of purchases and makes bookkeeping a breeze. By offering a complete program, Speedpass also offers the efficiency and reliability that enhances a company’s bottom line.”

Unlike credit cards, the Speedpass can only be used to purchase fuel — not tires, lunch, or cigarettes. Secure ID numbers unique to each account and detailed monthly reports make it easier to keep track of all transactions, and with greater accuracy.

Receiving one monthly statement rather than individual receipts can ease accounting practices, the company says.

Speedpass transponders can be attached to a keychain or a rear window. Mobil provides the first 10 devices free to companies, with additional devices available for a one-time fee of $15.

For more information call 877-MYMOBIL (877-696-6245), or pick up an enrollment form at a participating Mobil service station.