SALT LAKE CITY — Having building systems controlled through the Internet does seem to make sense.

World Wireless Communications Inc. recently announced the formation of an operating division that will focus on the development and promotion of the company’s web-enabling technology, “X-traWeb,” which allows devices to be monitored from anywhere in the world using an Internet connection.

Unlike most competing technologies, no proprietary protocols are used in X-traWeb’s open-architecture solutions, the company says.

X-traWeb is fully TCP/IP compatible. The open-solution approach adopted by this technology meets current and emerging international Internet communications standards — an important benefit when compared to closed, proprietary solutions.

“This product has generated considerable excitement in the marketplace, as it has a wide range of applications,” said David Singer, president of World Wireless.

Applications include electric, gas, and water utility management; hvac systems; security and access control; environmental monitoring and control; franchise chain information management; vending machines; and Internet service provider value-added services, among others.

X-traWeb consists of two components, the “X-Node” and the “X-Gate.” The X-node is a miniature http webserver available on a 1-sq-in. embeddable board, or as licensed firmware.

X-Gate is a small, rugged Internet gateway device that replaces the more common gateway, the PC. In general, the PC is not suitable for use in X-traWeb solutions because of its cost and the need for regular human intervention, the company says.

The connection between the X-Nodes and X-Gate can be either wireless or wired. Equipment that is concentrated in a single location can be hardwired directly to X-Gate. In situations where the equipment is spread out over a wide area, World Wireless says its digital radio links offer a reliable, economical solution.

Formed in 1995, World Wireless Communications Inc. is a developer of wireless telemetry and communications systems, technology, and products. The company develops, manufactures, and distributes components for the X-traWeb network, a convergence technology for the monitoring and control of remote systems through the Internet; and spread spectrum radios in the 900-MHz and 2.4-GHz bands.

For more information, contact Don Wallace, executive vice president, X-traWeb Division, 913-652-0353, ext. 102; dwallace@ (e-mail); or (website).