The TC Series ThermoWheelâ„¢ is an energy recovery wheel system designed for new air-handler applications from 500 to 20,000 cfm. It is shipped fully assembled in an aluminum frame. It has a standard three-year warranty. The rotors consist of the hub and bearing assembly, spokes, and rim. The TC Series wheels are a fully segmented four-spoke design. The spokes provide the structural integrity to limit deflection of the wheel and to eliminate mechanical fatigue of the media. The spokes are aluminum bar stock fashioned in a grid box design. The rim holds each section of media in place and provides an area for the belts that drive the wheel to ride. The hub and bearing assembly support the wheel in the casing. The control system and sensors measure the temperature of the different airstreams and control the wheel speed for maximum efficiency. Balanced Sieveâ„¢ media features a microengineered desiccant and a standard epoxy edge coating, or an optional Thermoguardâ„¢ coating for anticorrosion, antimold, and antibacterial protection. Other medias are also available.

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