Thermoselect is free heat wheel selection software. According to the company, it greatly simplifies the task of selecting an energy recovery wheel based on size and/or performance. The software allows the user to enter the outdoor and return air conditions for both summer and winter operation. With a few quick steps, the user can view the total effectiveness of a range of Thermowheel units. The user can then select the model that best suits the specific project requirements. The software features an easy-to-navigate user interface and has the capability of selecting both enthalpy and sensible wheels from 500 to 150,000 cfm. It can also select dual-wheel configurations. ThermoSelect features the ability to select the correct purge angle based on the pressure differential across the wheel as well. The data is presented as a graphic showing all airstreams and conditions. The user can select multiple drive and control options. Once these easy-to-follow steps are complete, a PDF can be generated with all performance and dimensional data. The software features an integrated customer database to simplify adding projects to existing customers. For the specifying engineer, ThermoSelect features direct links to download specifications, manuals, and brochures.

Thermotech Enterprises Inc., 5110 W. Clifton St., Tampa, FL 33634; 813-865-4701; 813-865-5205 (fax);

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