The air velocity transmitter EE75 has been designed for accurate measurement of air speed and gas flow. The construction of the sensing head reduces to a minimum the impact of the mounting angle on the measurement results. The transmitter can detect and measure even the smallest flow changes due to temperature variation. Using the configuration software, the user can input the duct diameter, allowing the gas velocity, temperature, and corresponding volume flow to be available as analog output and shown on an optional display. The metal housing allows the unit to be used at process temperatures between –40° and 248°F (-40° and 120°C). The working ranges for air velocity are 0 to 400 feet per minute (0 to 2 meters per second); 0 to 2,000 feet per minute (0 to 10 meters per second); and 0 to 8,000 feet per minute (0 to 40 meters per second). The EE75 can be duct mounted or wall mounted, and is available with the sensing probe on a flying lead of up to 10 meters, as well as in a pressure-tight design up to 10 bar.

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