Lennox created interest with its new Dave Lennox Signatureâ„¢ Collection, advertised on page 35 of the April 18 issue. Pictured in the middle of the full-page ad is an aerial view of the outside unit. Such a shot was taken to point out the SmartHingeâ„¢ access panels, designed to allow servicing and maintenance from all four sides of the outside unit.

"I had to stop to figure out what the picture was," said NEWS Contractor Consultant Larry Taylor, who runs Air Rite Air Conditioning Co.

"I had to read the entire ad to get the gist of the promotion," admitted York. "I had no idea what the hinged panels were until I read the fine print at the bottom." In advertising circles, this is all good news.

According to Lennox, "Inside it's the only system you'll find that has achieved a 20.5 SEER rating - doubling the efficiency of today's standard air conditioners and lowering your customers' energy bills by up to 60 percent."

In the end, "I think the Lennox ad had better graphics and layout," said consultant Donnici.

For more information, visit www.lennox.com.

Publication date: 12/12/2005