The linkage between the refrigerants ammonia and CO2 took another step forward with the announcement at the most recent International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Dallas that “significant progress has been made during the past year on a new CO2 handbook.”

In opening remarks, 2008-09 IIAR Chair Brian Marriott told delegates, “This publication has been in the works for quite a while. It will broaden IIAR’s support of natural refrigerants. Task force Chair Chuck Taylor has spearheaded the effort to complete this important project. We expect to publish the new handbook later this year.”

The publication comes as the industrial refrigeration industry has been developing systems that use both ammonia and CO2 in cascade configurations in a number of plants. Officials said the handbook would allow such a concept to be used in even wider applications.

During his remarks, Marriott also noted that IIAR “launched a campaign to promote the use of natural refrigerants. This campaign will include a new look for the IIAR booth, ads in trade publications, promotional articles, and a short new video which can be viewed on the IIAR Website, YouTube, and several other Websites, including a new site called Ammonia 21.”

Marriott also noted the publicationIIAR 5, Start-Up And Commissioning Of Closed-Circuit Ammonia Mechanical Refrigerating Systems, a new standard released for review and trial use.

Among other publications issued during the past year was the second edition of the ammonia data book. Said Marriott, “This is the result of excellent work performed by the education committee.”

He also noted “as an organization made up of individuals who have a special appreciation for infrastructure, I am pleased to report that IIAR has been working on a complete overhaul of the membership database management software at headquarters.

“This system represents a significant new technology leap that brings IIAR into the 21st century. It will improve member services and staff efficiency, and provide the underpinning for many of the member services available on the IIAR Website.”


Jeff Welch, the 2008-09 Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation chair, reported on activities within the foundation including a technical paper presented at the conference concerning low-temperature metallurgy in piping.

He noted the foundation made a financial commitment to the Ammonia Safety Training Institute. “This organization’s work has done wonders educating code officials and first responders of the public sector all across North America of the rewards and risks that ammonia refrigeration provides,” he said.

In other developments within the foundation, he noted a fundraising campaign under the title slogan “Take Pride in Ammonia.”

Also recognized was Corporate Contributor of the Year Star Refrigeration and Individual Contributor of the Year Bill Kahlert.

“The foundation is off to a good start,” said Welch. “We have raised more than $300,000 since the foundation was formed less than two years ago. The future success of the foundation depends on the support of each of us here today and our industry colleagues back home minding the store.”


Named to the IIAR board for three-year terms are Jim Adler, Hixon, an engineer member; John Collins, American Industrial Refrigeration, a contractor; Bob Czarnecki, Campbell Soup, end user; and Chuck Taylor, CRT Design, an engineer. The latter two are entering their second consecutive terms.

Sponsors recognized at the conference were Airgas Specialty Products, Baltimore Aircoil, Colmac Coil, Evapco, Frick/JCI, GEA FES, Guntner U.S., Hansen Technologies, Innovative Refrigeration Systems, Lanier Technical College, Parker Refrigerating Specialties, Stellar, and Vilter.

Publication date:05/11/2009