The HydroLink primary/secondary piping package can be used with low-mass boilers serving multicircuit hydronic systems. The device combines a hydronic separator and distribution manifold. It merges the attributes of a low-loss header with isolated secondary circuits in one out-of-the-box unit, which results in guaranteed flow through the boiler to prevent flashing or hot spots and minimum Delta P drop between each secondary circuit to ensure accurate flow. The HydroLink provides a low pressure loss zone, enabling both primary and secondary circuits to be hydraulically independent of one another. The unit operates at a maximum working pressure of 100 psi, and with maximum liquid temperatures of 240°F. The HydroLink is packaged in a painted, welded steel body with an insulation jacket. Wall-mount brackets are included. The package includes a 1/2-inch air vent and a 1/2-inch drain.

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