The company's ASME-registered air separator removes air from circulated boiler or chiller system fluids. Within its all-steel shell, a stainless steel mesh coalesces and scrubs the fluid, removing oxygen-rich microbubbles and impurities, increasing component life and improving overall system efficiency. As system water or a water-glycol mix circulates through the air separator, microbubbles are stirred. The bubbles, fusing with each other, increase in volume until the hydrostatic thrust moves them upward, where they are released through a float-operated automatic air release valve. The unit is best installed after the boiler on the pump section, where the formation of microbubbles is most common. Features include 2- to 4-inch threaded and 2- to 6-inch flanged connections with a cock to drain large amounts of air when filling the circuit to remove any debris present above the water level; 150-psi maximum working pressure; and 4.2 feet per second maximum fluid velocity. The unit is rated for working temperatures of 32° to 270°F.

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