ORANGE CITY, FL — Any pet owner knows that having a wet dog around the house isn’t exactly a breath of fresh air. Now imagine trying to control odors in a room full of wet dogs and cats.

That was the problem facing Dr. Thomas Fransher, a veterinarian who turned to Aldons Heating and Air Conditioning here for a solution. Today, the veterinarian is so pleased with the odor-free air in his clinics that he is directing customers to Aldons.

“Dr. Fansher was a service contract customer who was having some trouble with ventilation in a high-humidity area of his clinic where dogs and cats are bathed and boarded,” said Aldons’ Dan Murray.

“When we were called to take a look, we learned that pet odors and odors from flea treatments were lingering all through the 3,500-square-foot, stand-alone building.

“The veterinarian initially asked me about installing an exhaust fan in the 12-year-old structure, but that would have depleted a lot of cool air in the room,” Murray said. “He needed a solution that wouldn’t waste so much energy.

“When he asked me to make a recommendation, I assessed the situation and saw the ‘PerfectAire’ fresh air exchanger as the obvious solution. The fresh air exchanger, attached to the cooling system, works continuously to eliminate odors.

“It saves energy because its core transfers both heat and humidity to help cool and condition the incoming air. An exhaust fan would be usually operated only periodically so odors still would build up, and it would pull the hot, humid Florida air into the building.”

Within a few months of installing the PerfectAire (from Research Products, Madison, WI) at the first clinic, Fransher asked Murray to install another at his second animal hospital.

“It worked so well at controlling odors and reducing respiratory infections in the animals that we had one installed at the other clinic,” added Fransher. “Those of us who work in the clinic become acclimated to the animal odors, but pet owners who enter the building notice the smells.

“The air exchanger keeps the building smelling fresh and clean. We are getting ready to build a new hospital and we will have the same exchanger, for sure.”

Fransher also asked Murray to install this product in his home.

“My understanding is that they have a large dog who spends most of her time in their bedroom,” said Murray. “The doctor’s wife was noticing some of the pet odor and the fresh air exchanger helps get rid of it.”

Murray is making additional sales thanks to his satisfied customer. Fransher is recommending the exchanger to others who want to use it in their homes.

“It’s a great cost-effective way to solve air quality problems,” Fransher added. “It’s an added expense to include it in your building, but with stale air and sick building syndrome today, there’s no reason not to do it.”

That endorsement has resulted in a number of referrals for Aldons.

“With a routine installation, we solved a problem for Dr. Fransher,” Murray said. “Now he’s able to help his clients solve the same problem they may be having at home. Finding a solution for a customer who has a clientele of his own is a clear opportunity to sell more product.”