MONROE, Wis. - A local architecture firm owner called Justin Segner of Lanz Sheet Metal because they felt the fumes from an adjacent beauty salon were making them ill. They called Lanz to help them identify the issues and make recommendations.

Segner explained that his company could test the indoor air quality (IAQ) and then he wouldn't have to guess at how to solve their IAQ problems. The test showed very elevated VOCs, indicating likely infiltration from the salon.

The solution that Lanz proposed for the building included additional ventilation, VOC destruction with two new air purifiers, pressurization of the spaces using a powered HRV, and improved controls. Using those solutions, he was able to solve the complaint from the architecture firm. Then, working with the building owner, he was able to use similar solutions for the adjoining beauty salon including controls for occupied/unoccupied exhaust systems. The building owner was so impressed with Lanz because of the test and report findings that the recommended solutions for the salon were purchased without consulting any other contractors. Lanz now expects to be the contractor called on for all of the building's future mechanical needs.

"AirAdvice [IAQ monitors] took any form of competition out of the equation. I took it upon myself to place monitors in each of the adjoining businesses, and because of that we got additional sales. There is no doubt the AirAdvice program works."

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Publication date: 01/10/2005