COLUMBIA, Md. — The EPA announced that it cited a Columbia, Md. man for the unlawful selling of a refrigerant containing CFCs.

Bruce M. Folkins was fined a $15,180 penalty for violating the Clean Air Act by selling to people who lacked certification for handling CFCs. The EPA also said that Folkins failed to keep the necessary financial records for these sales.

According to the complaint, Folkins placed a newspaper advertisement for the sale of CFC-12. In Sept. 1997, he allegedly sold two 30-lb canisters of the refrigerant to an undercover FBI agent for $900, without proof of the buyer’s certification to purchase CFCs and without preparing an invoice for the sale.

The complaint also alleges that Folkins admitted at least three prior sales of CFC-12, did not request certification proofs, and did not provide complete invoices.