MILWAUKEE - Johnson Controls and Discovery World have announced the company's $3 million sponsorship of the largest exhibit in Milwaukee's newest lakefront attraction - "TechnoJungle: The Hunt for the Next Great Idea."

The gift represents the largest grant ever by Johnson Controls in its Milwaukee headquarters' community. The new science and technology museum‘s major exhibit will showcase the company's most innovative technology.

The exhibit will combine human interaction with technology to advance values of energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. Johnson Controls' TechnoJungle will also provide teachers with new tools and curriculum to support classroom instruction.

"Our commitment to innovation and sustainability enables us to make life better for the millions of people who enjoy comfortable and safe environments in their workplaces, homes, and cars," said John Barth, Johnson Controls chairman and CEO. "This exhibit will use personalized interactivity and forward-looking technology to give young people and their parents a sense of the possibilities for their future."

The Johnson Controls contribution includes funding over the next five years to enhance the exhibit and keep it current and compelling. The exhibit is scheduled to open shortly after Discovery World's full fall opening. The exhibit concepts and design drawings, along with background information, are available at

Barth said the exhibit would incorporate Johnson Controls' values of innovation, sustainability, and emerging technologies. It would also reflect the initiative and values of its employees, including the nearly 2,000 in Milwaukee who regularly support community priorities with their time and resources, he said.

"Dozens of our employees have helped the Discovery World team develop concepts, designs and features for our exhibit," Barth said. "Dozens more will supply ongoing technical and docent support.

"It will be an amazing learning environment for visitors, and we'll also use the exhibit to show customers how innovation keeps us a leader in our businesses. We'll bring employees and other stakeholders together here to take advantage of the world-class facilities and inspiring environment," he said.

Paul Krajniak, executive director of Discovery World, said, "The Johnson Controls' TechnoJungle will connect people with new technologies. It will stimulate interest and careers in the fields of math, science, and engineering and inspire creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial mindsets."

Publication date: 07/10/2006