ERV option for the RE series rooftop water source heat pump.
ORLANDO, Fla. - ClimateMaster Inc., a manufacturer of water source heat pumps, is launching four new products at the 2005 AHR Expo.

The company is featuring an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) option for its RE Series rooftop water source heat pump (WSHP). The ERV uses a desiccant wheel coated with silica gel to recover energy from exhausted air, and transfer energy to the fresh air entering the building.

ClimateMaster is introducing a commercial version of its Tranquility27 Series packaged WSHP. The two-stage Copeland Ultra-Tech scroll compressor and General Electric variable speed (ICM) fan motor, coupled with EarthPure (R-410A) refrigerant, results in EERs up to 27 Btuh/Watt (7.91 Watt/Watt) for ground loop applications, and up to 18.5 Btuh/Watt (5.42 Watts/Watt) for water loop (boiler/tower) applications, says the company.

The company is also introducing a single speed version of the Tranquility27. It offers EERs up to 20.2 Btuh/Watt (5.92 Watts/Watt) for ground loop applications and up to 17.6 Btuh/Watt (5.16 Watts/Watt) for water loop (boiler/tower) applications.

And ClimateMaster is adding a modulating reheat option to its Genesis (GCV) and Genesis Large (GLV) vertical series equipment, using a new patent pending method of reheating the air.