The Echelon line of furnaces from Coleman includes the variable-speed V Series, two-stage T Series, and single-stage S Series. All three model segments incorporate convertible upflow, horizontal, and downflow configurations. The furnaces are available in efficiencies of 80-percent and 92-percent-plus AFUE. The 92-percent-plus AFUE model is qualified under Energy Star®. The 8.V (80 percent) and 9.V (92 percent to 94 percent) variable-speed furnaces are equipped with an electronically commutated motor (ECM) with EcoTrak™ technology. The ECM and EcoTrak offer nearly continuous, gradual fan speed operation, the company states. According to the manufacturer, EcoTrak enables installers to customize the comfort performance for each home, depending on the climate - dry, temperate, or humid - in that area.

York UPG, Attn: Mickey Smith, Coleman Brand Marketing Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069;\echelon.

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