The new line of Coleman® high-efficiency gas furnaces features an Energy Star® design packaged in a 40-inch cabinet. This 92-percent AFUE furnace has a new heat exchanger design, which simplifies the gas flow path, eliminating connection tubing and the collector box at the rear of the heat exchanger. The steel casing liner replaces foil-faced fiberglass insulation. New features include a new model gas valve; four-speed blowers; a control board with a tri-colored LED and a nonvolatile memory that retains the last five error flash codes even in a power failure; and a vent assembly with internal trap. The control box has been moved to the front of the furnace to provide better access for low-voltage wiring installation, says the company.

York UPG, Attn: Mickey Smith, Coleman Brand Marketing Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069;

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