The Brute IIâ„¢ and Titanâ„¢ are test and charging manifolds. Both models are manufactured with double O-ring pistons to increase the reliability and extend the service life of each unit. The Brute II four-valve manifold is lighter than the original model, but has that same powerful performance, the company says. The unit has 1/4-inch high/low sides with 3/8-inch vacuum port for regular jobs or 3/8-inch high/low sides with 1/2-inch vacuum for larger systems. The Titan two- and four-valve manifold features 1/4-inch fittings with a 3/8-inch vacuum port for use with larger hose. It comes standard with 3-1/8-inch gauges. According to the manufacturer, the life of the seat is extended through the use of a 100 mesh filter in-line on all flare fittings, which helps keep out particulate material.

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