Pow-R-Vent is a peak-mounted, heat conducting, elevated attic ventilation system. It encourages airflow upward through the attic of the house and is capable of eliminating trapped attic heat. The units can be mounted on all roofs, varying from 0/12 to 12/12 pitch, both at the peak and on the pitched surface (as a remedial cover for conventional vents). By venting more than 16 inches above the roofline through a column of varying diameter, warm air in the attic is accelerated upward and outward. In winter, it prevents ice dams in and around eaves troughs by greatly reducing the amount of snow melted by a warm roof surface. Also, it eliminates the need to find conventional roof vents and clear accumulated snow off of them. In summer, it aids an A/C system by lowering the attic and ceiling temperatures.

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