Company: Seresco USA Inc.

Product: Natatorium Ventilation (NV)-Series

Description: The Natatorium Ventilation (NV)-Series is a compact, non-compressorized ventilation system for conditioning natatorium environments with outdoor air and heat recovery, but without compromising indoor air quality (IAQ).

Available in sizes up to 65,000-CFM, the NV-Series is designed specifically for indoor pool and waterpark environments ideally located in cooler, drier summer climates. The NV-Series uses 100-percent outdoor air to control temperature and relative humidity without the energy requirements of mechanical DX methods.

The NV-Series features a glycol run-around loop (GRAL) for heat recovery. Pool application heat recovery success depends heavily on efficient management of excessive condensate levels from inherently humid exhaust air. Therefore, the GRAL manages condensate so efficiently that coils don’t freeze or require the frequent energy-inefficient defrost cycles associated with air-to-air metal plate heat exchangers.

Contact: 770-457-3392.;

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