In a recent edition ofSkylines, the publication of the Building Owners and Managers (BOMA) International, the association published results of a survey which was designed to determine what attracts tenants to a certain office location.

Not surprisingly, hvac and indoor air quality (IAQ) made the “Top Ten” list.

The survey, conducted by BOMA’s Strategic Mapping Exercise, targeted tenants, owners, property managers, leasing agents, etc. and matched up their responses to form the list. The object of the survey was to address issues for real estate professionals to remember when working with tenants.

Hvac made number four on the list, entitled “Control and Quality Over Air.”

The category description was: “When it comes to hvac systems, tenants want high indoor air quality and as much control as possible over the temperature in their suite.”

Other issues on the list included location, amenities, cleanliness, gross unit cost, and the number one issue: dealing with tenants in terms they will understand.