CHICAGO - For three days in Chicago, some of the best minds in testing, adjusting, and balancing gathered to discuss the latest trends, get certified in sound and vibration, learn about customer relations, and celebrate some old friendships. The fourth annual TABB Conference highlighted a year of success and laid the groundwork for the challenges ahead.

"TABB has kept a rigorous pace which it has maintained since its inception. We are finding that more and more building owners are asking for TABB-certified technicians to balance their buildings. And that is heartening," said Erik Emblem, administrator of TABB, in his opening remarks. "We must be able to adapt to the new markets and new technologies that evolve. We need to be ready to meet that challenge - and I think we are."

John Hamilton, chief operating officer for TABB, compared the TABB program to purchasing a new home. "You've filled out the mortgage application. You've been accepted. You've got the house. And finally you have the payment book," quipped Hamilton.

"We have our mortgage. It's a payment book to the industry. We pay our dues by growing markets, keeping the standards laid out in our code of conduct. TABB equals integrity, and engineers and building owners are looking for it."

Over 100 HVAC professionals attended the TABB conference, and many expressed accolades about the program and conference. Sue Wing, owner and president of Wing's Testing & Balancing in Branford, Conn., currently employs five TABB certified technicians.

"After we investigated the program and spoke to our guys at [SMWIA] Local 40, we decided that this program is truly a viable, meaningful credential to add to our base. We've been in business for 25 years, and we have always prided ourselves in providing our clients with the expertise and results they expect. Becoming TABB certified was a natural fit for us."

Publication date: 06/27/2005