LAS VEGAS, NV — The Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau (TABB) recently held its first annual conference at the Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. According to the bureau, the purpose of the conference was to inform TABB-certified contractors, supervisors, and technicians about developments within the certification program and emerging industry trends, as well as to obtain feedback from attendees, including representatives of the labor, management, and engineering/ architectural communities.

“The flow of information from the International Certification Board (ICB) of TABB to its certified professionals is extremely important to the success of this certification,” said Erik Emblem, administrator of TABB. “We want them to understand decisions and want those decisions to be reflective of industry needs.”

“Most of you do not know how much thought and time has gone into the TABB certification,” said Michael J. Sullivan, general president of Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association (SMWIA). “This was just a thought a few years ago, and to be standing here today gives me a lot of pride.” Sullivan informed the audience that his top priority is to organize and control the market with signatory contractors.

“Competition is good…and we want to get our contractor partners into regions they would not necessarily compete in and the TABB certification encourages this competition,” he said.

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Publication date: 11/11/2002