MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) annual statistics forecast for 2006 projects that shipments of commercial air conditioning will increase by 4 percent, residential air conditioning will increase by 4.5 percent, and residential furnace shipments will increase by 4 percent over the projected 2005 figures.

The projected 2005 and forecasted 2006 figures are as follows:

Commercial air conditioning: Actual shipments in 2004 were 34,316. The projected year-end figure for 2005 shows an increase of 27 percent to 43,600, while the forecast for 2006 projects a 4 percent increase to 45,300.

Residential air conditioning: Compared to actual 2004 shipments of 232,745, the projected 2005 figure increases by 1 percent to 236,000. The 2006 forecast increases over 2005 by 4.5 percent to 246,000.

Residential furnaces: Actual 2004 shipments were 314,049. The projected year-end figure for 2005 shows a drop of 3 percent to 304,000. The forecast for 2006 increases over 2005 by 4 percent, to 316,000.

The HRAI Manufacturers Division is a national association representing companies who manufacture products for the Canadian HVACR market. HRAI, established in 1968, is the umbrella association for HVACR manufacturers, wholesalers, and contractors who provide to Canadians the products and services for indoor comfort and essential refrigeration processes.

Publication date: 01/30/2006