The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) has issued a revised industry forecast for commercial air conditioning, residential air conditioning, and furnace shipments for 2010. The original forecast was released in December 2009. The revised forecast projects that shipments of commercial air conditioning will increase by 4 percent, residential air conditioning shipments will increase by 3 percent, and residential furnace shipments will decrease by 3 percent compared to the 2009 figures.

The 2008 and 2009 actual shipments, and revised forecast 2010 figures, are as follows:

Commercial air conditioning:Actual shipments in 2008 were 42,853. The year-end figure for 2009 shows a decrease of 20 percent to 34,434, while the revised forecast for 2010 projects a 4 percent increase to 36,000.

Residential air conditioning:Compared to the actual 2008 shipments of 228,110, the 2009 figure decreased by 15 percent to 193,483. The revised 2010 forecast shows an increase over 2009 of 3 percent to 196,000.

Residential furnaces:Actual 2008 shipments were 301,375. The year-end figure for 2009 shows an increase of 15 percent to 347,694. The revised forecast for 2010 indicates a decrease from 2009 of 3 percent to 336,000.

According to HRAI, “residential air conditioning” means ducted split system air conditioning and heat pumps up to 5 tons; “commercial air conditioning” means rooftops (combination heat/cool), packaged cooling and packaged heat pumps; and “furnace” means residential forced-air furnaces of all types (gas, oil, electric, and combination).

Publication date:04/05/2010