Two major HVAC distributors - Behler-Young Co. and Temperature Equipment Corp. (TEC) - have chosen to partner with AirAdvice Inc. and make the AirAdvice® HVAC-IAQ™ Program a key component of plans to help their contractors increase sales and improve profit margins by tapping into the growing indoor air quality (IAQ) market.

With 16 locations, Behler-Young Co. has served contractors in Michigan and northern Ohio since 1926. "We're always listening to our contractors and to what's going on in the market in order to help them grow," said Vicki Bosma, product manager. "We feel strongly that IAQ is going to add to their bottom line and that the AirAdvice program is the tool that opens up that door for them."

Bosma noted that Behler-Young carefully considered the best way to serve their contractors' IAQ needs. "We considered our options for close to a year," said Bosma. "AirAdvice really listened to us and what we see in our industry. They're very responsive and we get the support and answers we need.

"We're getting a lot of feedback already and it's very positive. There's a very good chance our AirAdvice contractors will see a 30 percent growth in their IAQ business - and Behler-Young will be right there with them."

At Temperature Equipment Corp. (TEC), a Chicago-based and family-owned business with 14 locations serving contractors in Illinois, Indiana, and southwestern Michigan since 1935, David Weiss, HVAC products general manager, knows his contractors and continually looks for ways to help them grow their business.

"We look very hard at the products and services we offer our contractors," said Weiss. "It's all about investing in them and doing the things that are going to increase their bottom line.

"We're at the tip of the IAQ iceberg. The AirAdvice program is all about handing the contractor a way to take the guesswork out of IAQ. It takes the angst out of the decision on both sides. The customer sees that there's a real problem and they see that the contractor can come back and prove that the problem's been fixed.

"AirAdvice gives us what our contractors need. And the support is great. They just keep coming up with the answer to any questions we've got."

AirAdvice, headquartered in Portland, Ore., developed the AirAdvice HVAC-IAQ Program to help HVAC contractors successfully diagnose IAQ problems and recommend the right filtration, ventilation, and humidification solutions as well as traditional heating and cooling solutions. For more information, visit

Publication date: 04/03/2006