PORTLAND - Three top growth-oriented HVAC distribution companies - American Air Distributing Inc., Phoenix Wholesale Inc., and Trane-Heartland Dealer Sales Offices - have chosen to partner with AirAdvice Inc., and made the AirAdvice HVAC-IAQ™ Program a key component of their plans to help their contractors increase sales and improve profit margins by tapping in to the indoor air quality market.

“IAQ is a hot topic for homeowners right now,” said Tom Frank, sales manager at American Air Distributing Inc. “With AirAdvice, the rubber hits the road - now we can give our dealers the ability to show the homeowners what’s going on with their IAQ. We have the tools for measuring pressure, CFM, airflow - but what tool do you have to measure a homeowner’s comfort? It didn’t exist - until AirAdvice.”

Ron Vetsch, sales manager at Phoenix Wholesale Inc., a Honeywell double diamond distributor, sees IAQ as the perfect opportunity for both growth and customer support. “Our philosophy is to help our customers get better at what they do,” said Vetsch.

Publication date:05/07/2007