TURNER FALLS, Mass. - Heat-Fab Inc. has entered into an agreement with Selkirk/Canada for distribution of Saf-T Vent AL29-4C® products in provinces in eastern Canada. Selkirk joins Canadian Aqualine Sales Inc., a long-time distributor of Saf-T Vent in western Canada. These distributors will provide both residential HVAC and commercial/industrial Saf-T Vent products to customers across Canada.

Saf-T Vent Special Gas Vent systems are UL, ULC, and cUL listed for venting Category II, III, and IV gas- burning appliances. Residential applications include mid- and high-efficiency gas boilers and furnaces, booster heaters, pool heaters, water heaters, unit heaters, and tankless water heaters. Saf-T Vent may also be used as a vent for Category I, natural gas or propane-fired heaters. Commercial applications include boilers, water heaters, and furnaces installed in hotels, schools, offices, and industrial buildings.

AL29-4C alloy is a stainless steel designed by Allegheny Ludlum (www.alleghenyludlum.com) for extreme resistance to corrosive condensates created by partially or fully condensing natural gas- and propane-fired heating appliances where cool flue gases are vented under pressure. The Canadian Gas Research Institute found that test results proved AL29-4C to be one of the "most corrosion-resistant alloys of 20 candidate stainless steels evaluated for resistance to chloride-induced corrosion in condensing and partially condensing gas-fired appliances."

Residential HVAC Saf-T Vent AL29-4C® products include:

  • EZ Seal single-wall small diameter special gas vent systems, and
  • SC (sealed combustion) zero-clearance concentric special gas vent systems.

    Commercial Saf-T Vent AL29-4C® products include:

  • CI Plus double-wall gasketed special gas vent systems,
  • CI double-wall special gas vent systems,
  • EZ Seal single-wall gasketed special gas vent systems, and
  • GC single-wall, large-diameter special gas vent systems.

    Complete product specifications and information are available at www.heat-fab.com/resources.

    Publication date: 08/22/2005