York International Corp. and The Stellar Group have renewed a business alliance for turbine inlet air chilling (TIAC) projects in the Americas, and expanded their relationship to include Europe and the Middle East.

TIAC is the process of cooling inlet air into a gas-fired turbine, most often in electric-power generation. The turbine's power-generating capacity is related to the temperature and density of the air being drawn in; the cooler the air, the more power the turbine can produce. Turbine output can be increased up to 30 percent, the companies said, resulting in more power production during peak demand periods and more income for the plant.

"In the TIAC projects, Stellar integrates York chillers in a modular package that includes pumps, cooling towers, electrical, and piping in a prepackaged skid that is shipped to the job complete," explained Bill McAuliffe, York strategic account manager.

"York and Stellar have just renewed this Strategic Alliance agreement for an additional five years. The agreement includes TIAC projects, and expands to modular chiller plant projects," McAuliffe added.

This picture shows a typical Stellar TIAC installation using York chillers (28,000 tons of refrigeration) at a large electric power plant.

Publication date: 06/07/2004