INDIANAPOLIS - ICOR International Inc., is celebrating a double 10th anniversary in 2005. It has been 10 years since its incorporation and the introduction of Hot Shot® (R-404B), its first refrigerant. Over the years, the company added two more refrigerants, One Shot® (R-422A) and NU-22® (R-417A). During its first decade, ICOR has continually worked to develop and test new products to satisfy the needs of an ever-changing refrigeration and air conditioning industry, said Gordon McKinney, vice president and COO of ICOR.

ICOR also provides regular training and technical support. Instructing Customers on Alternative Refrigerants for the Environment (ICARE) offers product-based educational seminars across the country. ICOR was recently registered as an ISO 9001:2000 company. ICOR's facility is located on the far northeast side of Indianapolis. "This is an ideal location for our company," McKinney said. "With a total of 21 acres at this site, we have the ability to dramatically increase our production area and on-site refrigerant storage."

Publication date: 09/26/2005