ST. LOUIS - Emerson Climate Technologies has made available two commercial refrigeration white papers: "Refrigerants for Commercial Refrigeration Applications" and "The State of Energy Consumption for Commercial Refrigeration Applications." These papers address the industry's concern and continued focus on refrigerant use and energy efficiency.

The "Refrigerants for Commercial Refrigeration Applications" white paper discusses the factors that are important in understanding how to provide efficient commercial refrigeration solutions without compromising the global environment. Information in this paper also includes: the criteria for refrigerant selection; updates on refrigerant consumption regulations; environmental impact of refrigerants; system design considerations; and the future of refrigerants in the HVACR industry.

"The State of Energy Consumption for Commercial Refrigeration Applications" white paper addresses the production and use of energy along with its environmental, social, political, and economic implications by discussing: the consumption of electricity by refrigeration equipment in foodservice industries; the current status of regulation of this consumption; and technologies available to reduce the demand for this increasingly limited resource.

"Emerson Climate Technologies is committed to protecting the environment and providing solutions that decrease energy consumption," said David Dunbar, president of Copeland Refrigeration. "We have the experience and expertise to provide direction on these global issues. These white papers are written to provide information to stakeholders, to understand and address the challenges our industry faces."

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Publication date: 10/17/2005