ARLINGTON, Va. - The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) voiced its support of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) "Cool Change" campaign, designed to encourage Americans to save energy, money, and the environment by increasing the efficiency of home cooling systems.

The EPA offers tips such as replacing air filters; sealing homes to keep excess air from escaping through leaky attics, doors, and windows; checking and sealing duct systems; and replacing old cooling equipment with high-efficiency Energy Star®-qualified equipment. This government-backed program helps businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency, and offers a line of products that use less energy, which translates into less air pollution and a cleaner environment.

The EPA estimates that homeowners who choose energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment can save as much as 20 percent of their annual cooling costs. The agency stated that if one in 10 U.S. households switched to Energy Star equipment, the change would prevent an estimated 17 billion pounds of air pollution.

"Cool Change" promotional and marketing material is available at no cost to HVACR contractors at For more information on Energy Star products, visit

Publication date: 08/30/2004