A split system version of the Tranquility 27â„¢ Series EarthPureâ„¢ (HFC-410A) geothermal heat pump is available. The heat pump's CXM microprocessor features the Unit Performance Sentinelâ„¢. The heat pump has a stainless steel front access panel, new black finish, Copeland UltraTechâ„¢ scroll compressor, double isolated compressor mounting, and computer selected springs. The unit has ratings of up to 24.5 EER and 4.2 COP at ISO GLHP or 29.4 EER at GWHP. The two-stage compressor allows the unit to be used as a two-stage or single-speed system, depending on the indoor coil match. Depending on the application, the heat pump can be installed as a 1.5-, 2-, 2.5-, 3-, 3.5-, 4-, or 5-ton single-speed split system or 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-ton two-stage split system.

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