Unique and innovative products highlighted the Ventilation Products category ofThe News'second annual Dealer Design Awards. Garnering the most votes was the DP40 MoistuRe-Mover® from Outside Air Solutions Co. (Easton, Md.).

The ease of installation and maintenance helped this product take first place.

The Model MVA antique-style, multi-sized diffuser assembly by Airtec Products Corp. (Fall River, Mass.) used its distinctive style and application versatility to take second place.

The Recessed Fan Light from Broan-NuTone (Hartford, Wis.) also impressed the judges, and finished in third place.

GOLD: The DP40 MoistuRe-Mover by the Outside Air Solutions Co. is a building moisture control system that is available in several configurations.

Gold Winner

It is rare that the words groundbreaking and serviceable are used in the same sentence, but that is just how one judge described the DP40 MoistuRe-Mover by the Outside Air Solutions Co. (www.outsideairsolutions.com).

"Designed to make it accessible for service and maintenance," is how another judge explained the unit.

The product is a building moisture control system that is available in several configurations. Fresh supply air that has been dehumidified through a patented multi-step process controls the space humidity within the building envelope while meeting the required American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) outdoor air supply requirements.

"The MoistuRe-Mover is ideal for schools, government buildings, casinos, manufacturing facilities, museums, and commercial spaces where both make-up outside air and humidity control is needed," said Anthony Ripanti, applications engineer for Outside Air Solutions. "It allows space humidity and ventilation air to be controlled on a design day or high humidity part-load day without overcooling and without reheat."

According to the judges, accessibility is the key to this product. The unit is designed so all coils, control panels, fans, and dampers are accessible through hinged access doors or removable panels. Most troubleshooting can be completed while the unit is running.

"Outside Air Solutions is confident that the installation of their DP40 system will ultimately save hundreds of man-hours that would normally be spent servicing the building's terminal units which, in the past, were used to control or mitigate supply air humidity," Ripanti said.

"The product itself cuts maintenance time on other products in the system," commented one judge.

SILVER: The MVA antique-style, quick install diffuser assembly is a replication of a cast iron grille attached to a multi-sized boot with a virtually airtight damper inside.

Silver Winner

The product description practically says it all for the Model MVA antique-style, multi-sized, quick-install diffuser assembly from Airtec Products Corp. (www.airtecproducts.com).

The Model MVA is a replication of a cast iron grille attached to a multi-sized boot with a virtually airtight damper inside. The entire assembly is constructed from high-quality polymers.

Patented tear-away bands (similar to those found on plastic milk containers) allow for acceptance of three different duct sizes. The patented damper has a rubber gasket for virtually airtight shutoff.

"It has a very fast installation time," said one of the judges. "It is a unique antique design - a great idea for an airtight damper."

The product is indeed a time saver, with the manufacturer stating contractors will save up to 80 percent of the time takes to install a conventional metal grille, box, and damper assembly.

The product can be installed from below the ceiling, so there is less work in the attic. The stepped collar design will accommodate three different duct sizes in one unit.

"Designed to reduce the time and headaches associated with installing a conventional ceiling diffuser, the MVA also gives contractors a stylish alternative for retrofits and new work applications," said Airtec Products marketing manager Tim Correia. "The MVA combines the versatility of accepting multiple size ducts with the numerous benefits of its polymer construction."

It is available in both black and white.

BRONZE: The Recessed Fan Light from Broan and NuTone matches other recessed lighting fixtures.

Bronze Winner

The key to the Recessed Fan Light by Broan (www.broan.com) and NuTone (www.nutone.com) is that it matches other recessed lighting fixtures and blends seamlessly with a series of recessed lights, while inconspicuously featuring a powerful ventilating fan. "Excellent application for lighting and ventilation," commented one judge.

The fan is HVI rated at 70 cfm and 2.0 sones, and it is designed to keep the air fresh and comfortable in any room with a minimum of noise.

"This product is intended to provide a method to exhaust air in residential applications," said Karen Collins, Broad-NuTone marketing communications manager. "Typical installations include bathrooms, shower enclosures, and in most residential areas where supplemental ventilation is desired. It is intended to complement the room's existing recessed lighting."

In most cases, multiple recessed lights are installed in a single room. When ventilation is desired, the recessed fan light can replace one or more of the recessed lights.

"This saves installation time and product cost in that this fan-light combination eliminates the need for a separate fan," Collins said.

The product incorporates adjustable mounting brackets that can span up to 24 inches and fit within two-by-eight construction, which leads to easy installation, according to the company. "Should be a good product for retrofit and new construction," summed up one judge. "Good idea."

Honorable Mention

Receiving honorable mention from the judges were the Zonocity High Velocity Zoning Kit from Arzel Zoning Technology Inc. (www.arzelzoning.com); Series AQS 200 Air Quality System from Automated Ceiling Registers (www.automatedceilingregisters.com); and the Hurricane Wind Driven Turbine Vent from Moffitt Corp. (www.moffitthvac.com).

Publication date: 07/18/2005