WILMINGTON, Del. - DuPont Refrigerants announced on Aug. 31 that it had completed the purchase of the HFC refrigerant blends business of Rhodia. The products are packaged under the Isceon® brand name.

The acquisition will allow refrigerant customers access to additional sustainable refrigerant solutions to help accelerate the reduction of ozone-depleting substances, said Mark Baunchalk, global business manager - refrigerants, DuPont Fluorochemicals.

"DuPont Refrigerants began sharing a new vision for the future at the AHR Expo in February 2005," said Baunchalk. "It also represents another important step in the progress we are making to achieve our vision for ‘The Science of Cool,' which focuses on four key platforms: science and technology, environmental solutions, global relationships, and sustainable cooling."

According to DuPont, the company has assumed sales responsibility for mineral oil-compatible HFC blends such as:

  • Isceon 49 (R-413A), an R-12 replacement in mobile air conditioning and stationary refrigeration systems.

  • Isceon 59 (R-417A), a replacement for R-22.

  • Isceon 79 (R-422A), a replacement for R-22.

  • Also, DuPont has assumed sales responsibility for Isceon 69 (R-403B), an HCFC replacement for R-502 in stationary refrigeration systems.

    In a separate announcement, Rhodia, which is headquartered in Paris, announced it would continue to make and sell R-22 from its facility in the United Kingdom.

    The company described the move "as part of the divestiture of nonstrategic activities ... with a view to consolidating its business portfolio."

    For more information, visit www.dupont.com/suva/.

    Publication date: 09/12/2005