The AutoClean air cleaner from Air Quality Engineering.
MINNEAPOLIS - Air Quality Engineering recently introduced its AutoCleanâ„¢ electrostatic air cleaner, which helps eliminate grease and cooking odors from restaurant exhaust. The product's "water-wash, self-cleaning system virtually eliminates maintenance," the company said.

The unit's industrial-grade, electronic ionization and collection cell is periodically washed using a high-pressure water-and-detergent mixture applied through a dual-action traversing and oscillating motion. The wash sequence may be adjusted for length of wash cycle and amount of detergent applied, the company said.

Individual AutoClean modules are rated up to 12,000 cfm with efficiencies up to 99 percent (ASHRAE 52-76). In addition, modules may be stacked, banked, or installed in series. An optional carbon afterfilter is available to further reduce cooking odors. A skid-mounted package with an air mover and insulated weather cover is available for outdoor or rooftop installations. "Installation by a licensed contractor is recommended," the company said.

For more information, call 800-328-0787.

Publication date: 08/16/2004