NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The International Service Leadership (ISL) 2004 Peak Performance Rally was all about making sure that contractors were in gear and ready to race towards the summer season.

Approximately 470 members and their employees attended the event, a record turnout for the contractor group. Attendees had the opportunity to win NASCAR prizes and meet NASCAR drivers. More importantly, the members learned about new marketing and training solutions available through the contractor group.

According to ISL, the Peak Performance Rally is a time for contractors to bring their employees to see what the group is all about and what it can offer to the business.

"The current membership is over 300 members," said Mike Moore, vice president of ISL. "The current membership has several companies having outstanding years due to the implementation of ISL programs."

The event started with an overview of some of those ISL programs. The group also introduced its new ISL Online Marketing Solution. The program contains ads, letters, and links to vendors who provide promotional items, newsletters, and planning assistance for members. The ISL Online Marketing Solution can be found at the ISL Web site,

Members were then introduced to another online service, Connections Training Systems, which is a Web-based training and registration system. Successware and ProfitMaxx software were also discussed on the first day of the event. ISL discussed how the programs can be beneficial when utilized in the business.

"Future projects include the ISL Web site enhancements, enhanced ProfitMaxx projects, process development, phone coaching, and the first-ever nationwide video/interactive localized conference," said Moore.

Motivation And Networking

Motivational speakers and marketing experts were also featured over the two-day rally. For instance, author and speaker James Ray told members how negativity and pessimism would impact performance and success. Meanwhile, keynote speaker Sharon Roberts shared her advice on why contractors need to appeal to women and couples in the market. (For more on Roberts' presentation, see "What Do Women Want? Ask Sharon Roberts" in this issue.)

The event also included a motivational presentation from Olympic speed skiing competitor, Vince Poscente.

Time was set aside during the rally for attendees to work together, network, and find ways that they could enhance their business and set goals. Panel discussion groups were formed for technicians, comfort advisors, installers, office staff, and managers. Each group discussed the recently named 2003 Leader Board Top Performers, and what each company did to be successful.

The groups set goals for the summer and made commitments to reach them.

Mike Treas, Jacki Bradbury-Guerrero, Mike Cottle, Bob Wilkins, and others on the ISL team facilitated a working session. In this discussion, designed to help members meet the goals they had set.

"I have never written down goals," said Paul Bradley, service technician for Bob Woodall Air Care Systems. "We went though a process to not only write down my personal goals, short term and long term, but also professional goals that would help me and the company. This was a life-changing experience for me."

The next ISL Performance Conference is set to take place in St. Louis Sept. 17-18.

Publication date: 06/21/2004